Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not-Dead-Yet Friday!

We almost lasted a week!

Sorry everyone for the sudden drop in the posts.  A bad case of the flu/grey death/ black plague/dieing and my desktop frying on me when playing a certain new RTS kinda put me out of action for a couple weeks.

Not pointing any fingers!

I have a new PC in the works so I'm finally able to go back to rambling about video games / 2 AM drunken commenting sprees soon!


  1. Getting sick sucks but it sounds like your better! Congrats on the new computer and looking forward to your drunken talks lol

  2. Sucks to have your desktop fry, have fun with the new pc

  3. hehe, hope you could save some of your data.
    Looking forward to drunken ranting sprees.:D

  4. drunken rants, there are none better.

  5. owch, that's understandable, hope everything is better for you now!